Quick Update

Hey everyone. Sorry I’ve not updated in a while, but I’ve been dealing with another shitty fibro flare-up. Started off in my right arm but spread across my chest and now both arms are just throbbing lumps of lead. It was all I could do to log on and type this quick update. After my last 5lb loss I wasn’t expecting much. Since then I’ve dropped another pound, gained it back and then dropped about half a pound again, so in reality there’s no change. I haven’t been up and about and moving around much. I’m eating mostly easy stuff like protein bars, nut butter and cheese, but not much else. Shark week is just around the corner so I’ll probably end up seeing a brief “ghost gain” for a few days, but right now I couldn’t care less. I’m just sleeping as much as I can and vegging out on pain-relief, watching crappy TV when I’m awake. I really can’t type any more right now. It’s just too painful, but just know that your girl is still keeping it real, sticking to eating low-carb and battling on despite all the crap that life keeps throwing at her. Doesn’t matter how shitty things get, there are no reasons to give up and veer off plan. Pain will pass; time will pass. There’s no reason to waste that time ruining your progress.

Stay committed y’all


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